How to Reach Navlai Paryatak Nivas - Hedvi

Under 5 minutes drive away from the Lakshmi Ganesh temple, Navlai Paryatak Nivas is located right by the 'Sagari Mahamarg' - coastal high way connecting Guhagar and Tavsal ferry wharf and is very easy to find. Chiplun is the nearest railhead from Hedvi. Chiplun is about 45 kms from Navlai Paryatak Nivas, private taxis and MSRTC buses are available from Chiplun to Hedvi. If you need a pick up arranged from Chiplun bus station or the railway station there are cars available at Navlai Paryatak Nivas which can be sent for pick ups on request.

Mumbai to Hedvi => 285 Kms

Pune to Hedvi => 275 Kms

Kolhapur to Hedvi => 215 Kms

Chiplun to Hedvi => 45 Kms

Ratnagiri to Hedvi => 60 Kms

Hedvi by Bus

Hedvi by Bus

Guhagar is the main bus depot near Navlai Paryatak Nivas - Hedvi, so if you are trveling by bus you might have to take a bus to Guhagar and then connect to Hedvi. There also are direct buses at lesser frequency.

Route Map from Pune

Pune - Khed Shivapur - Surur - Satara - Umbraj - Kumbharli Ghat - Chiplun - Hedvi (275 Kms)

There are alternate routes like the one via Mahabaleshwar however the Kumbharli ghat route is the shortest route from Pune to Hedvi

Hedvi by Train

Hedvi by Train

Chiplun is the nearest railhead near Navlai Paryatak Nivas and if you are traveling from Mumbai there are numerous trains to pick from to travel to Hedvi. Unfortunately there is only one direct train from Pune which stops at Chiplun.

Route Map from Mumbai

Mumbai - Mangaon - Khed - Chiplun - Guhagar - Sagari Mahamarg - Navlai Paryatak Nivas ((Hedvi) (285 Kms)

From Mumbai there are frequest trains connecting Mumbai to Chiplun and you can have yourselves picked up from the station by requesting Navlai Paryatak Nivas

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